Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Drill Down: Part 3 of 5

In the third drill down of the theory we will be exploring how modern vector commanders operate and what challenges they face.

"No longer did you have to directly exert time and energy over your labor pool to modify their behavior. By simply adjusting the time property of currency and then, later, the perception of the time property over the perception of currency, labor vectors would respond accordingly. (Albeit, at first, unpredictably) For example, if you failed to mint enough coin to represent the trading capacity of your society, the labor potential of your society greatly suffers since they have a drastically reduced ability to store future value/surplus resources, thus, destroying the ability to optimize resource output via incentive. The only way around this is to ensure that surplus resources never exist in the first place by enforcing mass consumption. At best, this solution only buys times (which usually lasts a standard human generation) until a massive market correction. This, inevitably, leads to war, in which the scales are rebalanced and another nation-state emerges to try their luck at the shell game. We are collectively stuck in this holding pattern because it is, to date, the most efficient means to leverage influence over modifying massive human behavior. Nothing even comes close. However, that paradigm is changing due to technological mastery."

I'm sure that after about maybe three sentences, your neurons gave the fuck up.

Meanwhile, some frothing reactionary
in the 11th grade is preparing a
comment about how capitalist
corn must be abolished.
Let's say I'm growing corn and I charge $10 per pound.  But all these cheapskate buyers are only buying corn for $8 a pound.  Well, I'm not selling shit and people are gonna starve.  I got three tricks I can use.  The first is to beat the liquids out of my labor vectors until they crank out more goods in less time, allowing me to charge $8 per pound and still make it worth my while.  This is the default activity of poor vector commanders.  These organizations fail quickly and require a hearty supply of new labor vectors to keep the system going.  Stupid people do this.  You do this.  You're stupid.


I could pray to the wind, water, girth, and cunt gods to yield a grand harvest of corn that will allow me to sell so much corn that it doesn't matter if I lose $2 a pound.  This is what stupid people do and, yes, you're still stupid.


I could use my brain.  (You can't)  I can walk up to a corn producer and tell him that there is no guarantee that he will produce enough corn to make ends meet.  Him, being a fearful, yet reasonable, will agree.  I then tell him that I can assist him with this problem by buying exclusive access to his future production capabilities.  Meaning, every bit of corn he makes later on, I would be guaranteed to buy it off him.  He then feels safe and I have a bunch of expensive ass-corn that I can't do anything with.  Most importantly, the producer gets a sense of stability.

Now, if I studied my agriculture, astrology, and market history, I would have known that the conditions of the coming year will be very good and will yield a tremendous harvest.  Once the harvests start getting out of control and money is to be made, other people will want in on the action and start demanding access to corn producers as well.

You reading this post.
Ahhh!  As it turns out, I already have exclusive access to the corn producer and I have a wide variety of people willing to pay top dollar for that access.  I sell access to the corn to the highest bidder, and I walk away loaded as fuck, laughing at you and that wildebeest you call a wife.

The only thing I needed to make this happen was a business plan.  I simply promised to buy stuff from a person in the future because I knew people would demand access to him later on.  When the prediction was true, I sold off that access to him to someone else for big money.  The producer still gets his money and is happy.  I walk away loaded.

Of course, the key here is knowing damn well that a specific outcome is going to occur, otherwise, it's just a bold-faced blusterous gamble.  However, by doing this, I bypass the price gap between the producer charging $10 a pound and the consumer charging $8 a pound.

This exchange is the foundation of --everything--.

By manipulating the perception of value, I manipulate labor vector activity.  As my manipulations get more accurate and accumulate greater wealth, the more labor vector are bound to my schemes.  They eventually become dependent on my manipulation because it obfuscates the price gap between producers and consumers, tricking both to engaging with one another and, thus, help everyone else out by providing access to their resources.  We call this market liquidity and its presence can be measured in what is known as the business cycle.

The father of all  modern
vector commanders.
However, participation between producer and consumer does not have to be balanced.  In fact, a lopsided relationship is ideal for a vector commander.  Consumers can be tricked into wanting to acquire a producer's goods very easily.  Furthermore, you do not have to provide additional currency to allow consumers to get access to these goods.  You can trick consumers into signing away their futures to get access to the goods now, and thus, setting the stage to redirect labor vector activities.

Once enough labor vectors have been put into this trap, the vector commander pulls the plug and starts demanding that labor vectors pay off the debts they've accumulated.  Unable to do so, the labor vector activity is now bound to the will of the vector commander.  Thus, the vector commander has acquired the right to redirect aggregate creativity into any technological pathway he chooses.

This system has been going on since Sir Isaac Newton first established the gold standard.  However, we are rapidly approaching a phase of reality where the results of this game will yield a technology that can disrupt what makes labor vectors essential for this game to operate.  At some point in the near future, the positive attributes of labor vectors (creativity, discipline, ingenuity... the complete opposite of you) will be acquired without the negative attributes. (entitlement, violence, vices... basically, you in a nut shell)

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