Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Axioms

I only have one talent and that is to quickly learn concepts by integrating them into my self-narrative.  During my journeys, I have accumulated a vast data set on a wide variety of topics.  The key to preserving this information is not to remember the actual data points themselves, but to remember the relationships between data points.  In terms of volume, it is far more efficient to remember a relationship called "society" than to remember each participant of "society".  By recalling the relationship, I can then reconstruct the data points. I don't actually remember details very well, but if I can recall a single relationship, I am able to reconstruct the entire system of data on-the-fly.

Once I find the relationship, I then find patterns and bind that relationship to another, over and over again, until I can merge it completely into my self-narrative.   The idea is that whenever I recall the concept of myself (the default state of anyone) I can simultaneously recall almost every data relationship I've ever encountered throughout my life.  I've effectively created a Pavlovian response to one of our most important mental capabilities.  This process has allowed me to absorb, recall, and utilize a vast array of data and has, in turn, altered my behavior in unexpected ways.

By now, some of you may be lost, so I'll get right to my point: The culmination of these patterns, data sets, and experiences has resulted in a theory.  This theory is very, very complicated because it involves almost every relationship I can recall.  Due to this complexity, I am currently unable to communicate the contents of this theory memetically.  For example, if I was to summarize this theory into a single Twitter update, it would be the following:

You are all fucked.

Of course, this has the emotional appeal of having your eyeball laced with paper cuts (I saw you cringe when you read that!) which reinforces my lack of memetic appeal.  I've since settled for a policy of incrementalism to propagate this theory more cohesively. (This blog)  The previous posts are axioms to prepare a specific kind of person for my theory.  The axioms are as followed:

These axioms are carefully crafted for the specific intent of diffusing the plethora of factory-stamped excuses people will reflexively rattle off when they are exposed to my theory.  I have accepted that I cannot alter the trajectory of your self-narrative towards the direction it is running from.  (That technique is owned, wholly, by the sociopaths in charge of things)  I can, however, deny that self-narrative the opportunity to go on auto-pilot by overloading its triggers.

In short, I am aiming to disable your bomb by using a bigger bomb.  It's not graceful and there's going to be a lot of collateral damage.  But once you are disabled, my theory can be absorbed.

Once you are ready, adept, continue your studies to the next post.

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