Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You are not an asset, you are a liability

I'm sure over the course of your life you've been told great things about yourself by positive role models and worked very hard to shape your self-image into something on par with Mother Teresa and Mahatma Ghandi tag teaming global starvation, one gooey love letter at a time.  I'm sure you've also spent your life shrugging off the idea that you are nothing more than a replaceable consumer with limited trade skills that no one really wants but tolerates due to complex incentives.  (This chart proves you are a liability, but you don't care.)

Fine.  I see we are getting no where and your filter bubble is tremendously sturdy.  Let's see how your world view affects your understanding of how "assets" like you are being treated:

Those precious, individual, unique, snowflake assets sure are getting treated like liabilities.  Want to guess why?  It may be because THEY ARE LIABILITIES.  The powerful don't need you anymore.  You've already given them everything and, to pay you back, they are setting up shop across the planet with the specific intention of abandoning you for fun and profit.

I love watching filter bubbles crumble.

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