Friday, May 2, 2014

The Doctrine of Equality as Religion

This post is a response to "The Doctrine of Academic Freedom: Let’s give up on academic freedom in favor of justice" by Sandra Y.L. Korn.

On March 6, 1961, American President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 10925 into effect, which required government contractors to "take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed and that employees are treated during employment without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin."  The modern theory of Affirmative Action was born and was further reinforced by the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and President Johnson's Executive Order 11246 a year later.  The radical Leftism that was the centerpiece of the 1960s rejoiced, forcing even President Nixon to take heed and continue this new American tradition of trading Executive decrees for boosts in popularity polls.

By the time of Gerald Ford, Affirmative Action became less important (and generally fell out of fashion as the cause célèbre) as a new era of complex globalism took precedence.  By 1978, Judith Katz, the author of the 1978 publication "White Awareness: Handbook for Anti-Racism Training", stopped mixing black-white group encounters and utilized all-white groups in her anti-racism training because she found that this led whites to focus on getting acceptance and forgiveness rather than changing their own actions or beliefs.  A year later, President Carter issued Executive Order 12138, the final Executive Order on the topic, and this once galvanizing political solution, now at full saturation, yielded diminishing political returns.  Despite nearly twenty years of executive orders, federal mandates, coordianted funding, legal force, academic and business participation, and making cultural apologism a fad, the liberal rank and file never accepted the failure of the initiative and continued to accuse academia, business, each other, and the entire world at large of racism as usual.

The left was obviously unhappy with these results. They expressed concerns about losing influence over the public with their loose and fast definition of equality.  Was the equality of people harmed as people lost interest in these initiatives? The answer might be that yes, they did—but that’s not the most important question to ask. Socialists, leftists, and Tumblr bloggers obsession with the doctrine of “equality” often seems to bump against something I think much more important: logic.

In its oft-cited... well.. there is nothing to cite regarding equality because if you put two or more self-professed liberals of outstanding academic credentials in a room and asked them to define equality, they would not be able to agree to a definition.  As a result of this subjective hemorrhaging, they have instead opted to utilize the brilliant phrase "social justice" which allows the heady theorists to maintain their infalsifiable subjectivity via the word "social" while allowing potential converts of lesser intellectual rigor to feel emotionally associated with the word "justice".  It's still the same extremely subjective concepts underneath this new slick Web 2.0 marketing gimmick.

Yet the liberal obsession with “equality” seems a bit misplaced to me. After all, no one ever has “equality” or absolute parity in this universe.  Which opportunities exist and who the winners and losers are will always be contingent on not just social, monetary, and political priorities, but each of those higher order manifestations are totally contingent on spatial, temporal, neurological, and even genetic configurations. The location of a physical body on the planet can have dramatic implications on its outcome. No person is ever “equal” in relation to another person. If the world opposes racism, sexism, and heterosexism, why should these oppositions be taken seriously when these goals are defined by a highly subjective concept like "equality"?

Instead, I would like to propose a more rigorous standard that maintains the subjective essence of the topic: “Equality as religion” When equality is used to either justify or resist oppression, it should be given the same treatment as any other religion.  That is to say people are free to put faith in this subjective concept, but public policy, laws, and the state at large may not be influenced by it whatsoever.

The power to enforce equality comes from Executive decrees, military weapons, threat of legal intervention, and now using the internet to induce public shaming on a scale unseen since Mao's Cultural Revolution.  Twenty years ago, the adherents of equality promoted Affirmative Action as their champion and had the full backing of multiple presidential administrations, each of which had the absolute authorization to inflict nuclear war on anyone that disagreed with them. Additionally, they had powerful allies within the mass media narrative and within academia.  I consider that sort of coordination both overwhelming and paranoid. Perhaps the question should be asked: Does government have the legal right to create policies based on a concept that resembles a religion?  In terms of realpolitik, anyone with nuclear weapons can do whatever they want. Do I think they should do that? No, and I would happily organize with other reasonable and sane people on this planet to stop them from favoring a religious crusade that gathers its definitions based on whatever is trending on Twitter.  “Equality” might permit such things as banning free speech (and by extension, free thought); equality as religion would never have such power.

Over the past decade, America has found itself using the undefinable narrative of equality as justification to invade Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran, and clever corporations such as Walmart have hijacked the narrative to ensure they get guaranteed income from governments for enforcing these mandates.  Anyone who dared question the concept of equality was cast as a heretic and left for online mobs to harass until the end of time.

In this case, discourse about “equality” shows how it is actually nothing more than political and financial swindling. Those defending the exploitation of a barely defined concept should use a more rigorous standard. Anyone who tries to boycott the concept of equality is instantly met with the forces that only a nuclear-tipped power can command.  People on the left that support equality can continue to play the “social justice” game, and should continue their worship of amorphous entities if they find meaning in it. Only those who care about logic can take the moral upper hand.

It is tempting to decry frustrating restrictions caused by equality as religion as violations of equality. Yet I would encourage the entrenched power structure of today that were the shock troops of the 1960s to instead use a framework of logic. After all, if we give up our obsessive reliance on the doctrine of equality, we can consider more thoughtfully what is just.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Meg Lanker-Simons: A case study in hacking morality

Recently, I refitted to be an living example of how to hack morality.  It is currently designated to be a resource hub for people that are livid about the fake rape hoax created by Meg Lanker-Simons.  But out of all the fights I could pick, why did I pick this one and why was it so successful?


We [citation intentionally hidden] did our research and we found nothing actually remarkable about the Megan:

  1. A low self-esteem person whose coping strategy involves a narcissistic and inconsistent political narrative.
  2. Run-of-the-mill emotional addiction.
  3. Venn Diagram identity rooted in Tumblr-wave feminism.
In short, she was nothing more than a bourgeois imperialist that recited everything banking interests told her to recite.  So why was this campaign so successful?


Tumblr-wave feminism is not a legit movement.  It is manufactured opposition to deflect populist rage away from the horrid economic conditions facing today's youth.  The "movement" is full of the blanket accusations, loaded statements, artful dodging, identity tribalism, and logical fallacies typically reserved for the "hate groups" of old.  That's usually the telltale sign of being funded by various financial sectors either directly (state sponsored) or indirectly (venture capitalism).  The other indicator of financial power involvement is it's wildly efficient ability to convert anyone into an emotional animal.

That conversion apparatus has been played by the Obama administration remarkably well.  It's typically wheeled out when "controversial" (AKA difficult-to-ignore and extremely overt imperialist) monetary policy or foreign policy needs to be buried from the public consciousness.  The result is political theater and tightly controlled societal tension between the two most obvious and primitive population categories.  But there is one non-obvious pattern about one of these genders...

The vast majority of males in American society today are, by far, the most effeminate, domesticated, and docile males in American history.  (European and Muslim males are burning down their continent and American males are playing video games.)  They have played by the rules, committed far less violence, are remarkably prone to guilt, and have gone almost two generations without a draft.  Accusing these sweet and fluffy barnyard critters of being aggressive rape monsters who pillage vagina at every possible turn not only is statistically disingenuous, it induces fear.  And not just a "fear the rod" kind of a discipline-based fear. It's more of a "My house is fire, fuck shit fuck shit fuck why do I deserve this?"  In short, accusations like this provoke panic.

Attack a caged animal by calling him nothing more than a woman-enslaving rape machine where forgiveness is not only impossible, but dismissed as "mansplaining", and his panic will cause him to play dead when in melee range.  However, he will gladly engage in low-risk, high yield conflict from ranged distances and the shadows.  (And not a moment before)


With that as the macroscopic perspective, we performed the following:
  1. A fully collective "doxing" effort to unravel her every connection.  Bill Ayers, Nonviolent Communists, University of Wyomig, the Wyoming Democratic Party, police records, military service, ThinkProgress, family, friends, their connections... whatever was publicly available.
  2. We created a pretty site ( to explain the situation and demonstrate ways to show support.
  3. One of us had connections to conservative blogs and floated the story to them.
  4. There were several meager attempts to rally Reddit, however, one of us renamed a topic and posted it in the correct subsection, resulting in massive surge of up votes.
  5. A Twitter campaign that, while it ultimately failed to gain traction, attracted support from other sympathetic organizations who were happy to provide research and assets to the effort.
  6. The creation of a fake Facebook group, pledging our unconditional support for Megan and a ridiculous justification for her actions.  It attracted almost a thousand angry people, outraged at the completely illogical justification used to defend her.
  7. We persuaded several alumni of the University of Wyoming to not provide any more donations until something was done about Megan.
  8. We attempted to persuade ThinkProgress to revoke the award they gave her.
  9. We attempted to persuade the owner of UW's sports properties to do something as well.
This was a multi-pronged campaign designed to maximize awareness. The conservative blogs took the lead and provided the shock troops.  The fake support page was quickly found and lunged upon.  After successfully hacking the conservative's morality, we created bait for the liberals on by saying that fake rape threats belittle feminism by reducing support against real rape cases in the future.  We had successfully hacked the morality of both participating factions, causing the whole thing to explode to the national level.


  • Conservatives will always want liberal blood, so they are very easy to leverage.  I'm very sure the same can be said about liberals.
  • The fake support group was an very successful catalyst for the multistage process.  When a single person does something outrageous, you are mad at the person.  When a group appears out of no where, demanding respect and defends the outrageous act, your "end-of-the-world' mechanisms kick in and fully convert you.  We hacked American right-wing conservative morality pretty hard on this one.
  • Tumblr wave feminists were torn between trying to defend their fellow Honored Matre and working out the logic in their head that making fake rape threats actually hurts their cause really badly.  Unable to resolve this cognitive dissonance, they just opted to downvote the Reddit thread instead.  (To no avail)  Liberals was hard to hack on this one because they felt they were in a defensive position.  Interesting to note that the cognitive dissonance made them retreat to the shadows, much like domesticated males do.
  • Partisan involvement attacked exclusively from the shadows (Either repressed rage from previous false accusation or from their own cognitive dissonance about the incident) and none of them stopped to ask if this entire conflict was possibly amplified by a handful of people trying to test a theory.  They just simply believed the shadows to be a legit battleground.
  • The shadow fight between the two factions dragged in bystanders, in which the above theory regarding how passive aggressive panic chooses to resolve when given an generalized outlet.  The results are still out, but the situation is being closely monitored.
Only one thousand people viewed the page.  A very good leverage ratio was achieved because of the accuracy of the theory.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Below is a list of definitions to prevent you and your hyperactive mirror neurons from overheating.  These are words I use and what they mean, regardless of context:

State (noun)
The value of a property.

Example: This blog is in a state of disarray!

Matter (noun)
A container of states.  (Also known as a set)

Example: A particle has the following states: velocity, mass, and position.  You have the following states: bored or frothy.

Energy (noun)
The conversion of a state into information.

Example: A piece of plutonium radiates energy.

Information (noun)
An observable snapshot of entropy.  This snapshot is measured in bits, nats, or bans.

Example: This blog contains information reflecting the historical mind states of the author.

Also see: Holographic principle

Entropy (noun)
All possible combinations of states in a set, independent of archelectual limitations.  The occurrence of a state is represented probabilistically.

Example: The entropy of a grilled cheese sandwich is:

  1. Bread, butter, cheese (16.6% chance of occurring)
  2. Bread, cheese, butter (16.6% chance of occurring)
  3. Butter, bread, cheese (16.6% chance of occurring)
  4. Butter, cheese, bread (16.6% chance of occurring)
  5. Cheese, butter, bread (16.6% chance of occurring)
  6. Cheese, bread, butter (16.6% chance of occurring)
Also seeShannon Entropy

Time (noun)
The differences between two or more units of information from the same source.

Example: You can't tell what time it is without points of reference.

Observer (noun)
Anything whose future time can be adjusted by information.

Example: Not only is the observer changed by what be observers, he also changes what he is observing.

Archelect (noun)
A sentient observer of information.

Example: A human is an archelect.  A rock is an observer.

Sentience (noun)

A context that converts information into local entropy reduction.  (Consolidating the probability of states or reducing the number of states)  Known sentience includes (but are not limited to) anthropo, communal, and logical.

Example: A human and a bee are sentient in different ways.

Anthropo (noun)
A sentience that uses linguistics to adjust the emotions of anthropo-sensitive sentience for the sake of desired social outcomes.  (Also known as human)

Example: The anthropo sentience shares the Internet with the logical sentience.

Linguistics (noun)
A technique that allows information to be referenced and adjusted via symbolical representation.

Example: The map is not the territory.  The menu is not the meal.  The word is not what it is describing.

Also see:

Emotion (noun)
An a priori channel of communicating socially relevant information between two archelects.  This channel is generally biased towards the initial entropy of the archelect.

Example: Without words or cultural impositions, one can illicit an emotional reaction out of a person by simply being present.

Anthrohack (noun)
A deliberate manipulation of information to alter the entropy of an anthropo.  Specifically, inducing a human archelect into a state of intense emotional sensation so that their linguistic capabilities are temporarily suspended.

Example: Politics and religion is an anthrohacker's paradise.

Liberal (noun)
A category of anthrohacks that glorify symbols that represent self-indulgence and chastise symbols that represent self-limiting.  Generally deployed when anthropo power stands to benefit from inducing massive bouts of irrational exuberance.

Example: Those hippie flower children sure are liberal!  Derp!

Conservative (noun)
A category of anthrohacks that gloify symbols that represent self-limiting and chastise symbols that represent self-indulgence.  Generally deployed when anthropo power needs to halt massive irrational exuberance or risk the destruction of power.

Example: Those stoic programmers sure are conservative! Derp!

Feelie (noun)
An anthropo that is particularly susceptible to an anthrohack.

Example: That feelie has no idea she's being taken for a ride.  And even if she did, she wouldn't care, even if it carried the high risk of killing her and everything she loved.

Power (noun)
The process of extracting information from the time of another archelect.

Example: By turning them against each other, he could make them do whatever he wanted.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Immortal Poor

Author's Note: Given the importance of this concept, I am refraining from my standard viciousness and I am, instead, going to show you what the Immortal Poor concept will be.

   Bursts of serenity and primal fury constantly escorted the beasts perception into its insatiable void of forgetfulness. With every constriction of its husky bipedal form, a surge of time-decoupling chemical calmness continued the process. Conscious causality flowed around it. The Immortal archelect was comprised of many variations and they had all been preordained to pursue this cycle of exertion and nirvana. Standing no taller than a meter (and half as wide), every facet of the stout, insect-like creature was designed to act as a reliable liaison between the intentions of the Human archelects and the reality of physics.

   Its slightly elongated skull was an enshrinement of intimidation: permanently dilated almond eyes ringed by bright red halos, a baldness that tapered to a point near the back of the head, and a uninterrupted empty patch of flesh where a mouth would be expected. Its bulging ligaments were avalanches of brutish physique. Its massive hands appeared ready to crush through themselves at a moments notice. Its naked, hairless exterior was comprised of a malleable obsidian carapace. The sheen of sweat gave it a milky glow. A metallic disc acted as a belly button. Below the stomach was no indiction of genitalia. Each breath obliterated the air around it, leaving only stagnant ozone in its wake. To the Human archelect, its strength made dreams manifest and its aesthetics induced nightmares.

   Beneath the fierce surface lied a carefully measured blend of human, ant, bear, tiger shark, and orangutan neurology. The human components made the Immortal an archelect, however, those components had very little in common with the baseline donors: emotional reactions were decoupled from physical behavior, perpetual amnesia was favored over memory, and mirror neurons were totally removed. Since all Immortals have data sense (A heavily modified ampullae of Lorenzini), foreman could push task objectives wirelessly into their consciousness, which would then be translated into a spatial concept. This unique variation of archelectology resulted in a laborer that was totally immune to anthrohacks. Its exterior was designed to exploit the optical triggers of fear in the Human archelect to stave off unauthorized sympathy. More importantly, its interior was designed to be totally compliant with all bioethical laws: it experienced a very real sensation of eutopia the harder it worked.

   The beast flipped two eight-hundred pound canisters of composite syntherials over its shoulder and bolted away. It darted effervescently between fellow Immortals as it made its way toward a swarm-drenched tower. It flung itself onto the vertical highway of rungs about the exterior of the building and launched itself upwards. Its legs laughed at gravity with each burst of propulsion, ignorant to the sixteen-hundred pounds of load it was carrying. A stream of Immortals used the rungs to haul canisters, bison-sized robotic spiders, each other, and additional technological debris to the locations designated in their consciousness.

   At the top of the construction, robotic spiders crowded around each other, creeping about in a slow but elaborate choreography of twirls and turns. Each machine lugged around a magazine of canisters and continuously sprayed its contents onto the surface of the building. The Immortal swapped empty canisters for the full ones from a nearby spider and then calmly leapt of the edge of the mile-high tower. Its descent into serenity was amplified by the occasional cartwheeling off of a nearby rung. The spiders had been printing the tower day and night, resulting in each floor having fully operational interiors, infrastructure, and information systems as soon as it was printed. (A mile of building being printed in two days was usually grounds for a seething investor to ignore even the most cordial and sincere apologies.) Inside the building were dozens of simulation teams, performing lifestyle routines to see if the building had been printed to specification.

   “You know, one day, they're going to be able to print the hardware and the software in one pass, and we'll all be out of jobs.”, said a muffled but dusty male voice from behind several layers of anti-hazardous armoring.

   His partner, wearing the same, wanted to point out that printing artificial intelligence is internationally illegal, but then the context had dawned on him. “Problems with the foreman again? No wait, before you get into it, what's the configuration for the wall?” His voice was like exhausted mud.

   “Seven, yes, and twenty-eight. Run the acoustic test twice. This syntherial reacts to certain frequencies and can skew capacitance. Also, I don't want to talk about it. He's a dick.”

   The partner waved his fingers in the air to interact with the user interface projected into his vision from the visor. “Did you hear that Site Twelve was flooded by hundreds of anthrohacked protestors? They were saying the Immortals were being treated poorly. Can you believe that? They were eventually realized by security, but the hacker was never found.”

   “Ha! When I was a kid, data sense wasn't so well protected, so we found some Transhumanist and totally convinced him that he was a Gaian purist. Within days, he believed he never had a data sense because it would have violated his ethos. Of course, his data sense was still operable.  He eventually figured the data sense to be some conduit for the spiritual will of the Earth! It was all fun and games... until they went after me one day.”

   “And you don't want to talk about that either, I'm guessing.”

   “Well, even now, I still have to tell myself that salad doesn't feels pain.”

   His partner stifled his laughter. “Why would someone anthrohack a mob to feel empathy for Immortals... that's pointless. Immortals can't be anthroed. There is no compatible emotional lexicon.  Besides, Immortal rights are in complete compliance with the law.”

   “Anthrohacking stops being a science once you're in the data sense. In college, we had one person believing that rocks could not lead normal lives unless they were kissed every two hours. People can be anthrohacked to believe anything.  The victim never knows the difference.”

   The partner tapped another button in his vision and a high-pitched pulsing filled the room. “So they weren't trying to win over the Immortals.”

   “I don't think so. The point of an anthrohack is to bind empathic resonance to a symbol. Once bound, it's not long until that resonance becomes conviction, which then compels the behavior. If enough people respond to the behavior, a meme is created. My guess is someone was testing the efficiency of a new anthrohack. Who knows, it might have been a pentest from the Immortal's manufacturer.” The man focused on his partner. “ What archive did you learn from again? I can't imagine how one could get this far into the simulation discipline if you don't even know basic archelectology.”

   The partner shrugged, “I never found archelectology interesting. In all honesty, I barely passed the prereqs. Hrmm.” He stared at the wall, “This wall needs to be redone.” He pulled out a metal can and sprayed pheromones on the surface. Within moments, several Immortals rumbled down the hallway.  They furiously pulverized the wall into sizable chunks and carried it away.

   “See? What you just did is very similar anthrohacking. You created a sensation in the perception of an Immortal so that its behavior could be channeled in a way you needed. The same can be done with humans. That's what interior simulation is...”

   “Yes, I get it. But it's still sloppy and ugly. I like the structure printing more.” He waved his hand in the air and poked at floating buttons that only appeared in his vision. A fleet of microprinters, about the size of mice, rolled into the room and the destroyed wall began to materialize one layer at a time.  The tambre of the vibrations from the Immortals climbing the building gradually changed from a collective creaking to a dull rumble.

   “Feeding time.”

   A legion of Immortals simultaneously snapped out of their daze and scoured around to pick up any dead Immortals before heading back down. They poured forth from the spire towards the feeding area like rushing black magma. The spartan facility was comprised of bins, piping, and tubing. The Immortals disposed of their deceased into the bins and lurked around for any unused tube connections. They hooked the tube up to the metallic disk in their stomach and entered a trance. Sustenance was injected into them from one half of the tube while waste was removed in the other half. When the process was finished, the Immortal pulled the tube and headed back to the work site with renewed vigor.

   The laws regarding cruelty to biologicals were complex and convoluted, but even in death, the treatment of the Immortal remained entirely ethical. The Immortals that had died were scanned for their geneprint so that their clone could be slated for reawakening. The reawakening process involved playing back all of the commands the previous Immortal received and triggering the exact same intensity of serotonin at the exact moment the previous Immortal experienced them. The simplistic nature of the Immortal's internal symbology (resulting in a simple value system) combined with its unreliable long-term memory made this process the first legally recognized concept of “best-effort resurrection”. Within minutes, the new Immortal would reawaken, having a legally indistinguishable reduplication of the ethical definition of life transferred to it. Additionally, Immortals had an extremely high threshold for pain, and if that pain was ever felt, it would result in instant death. With such a high threshold for pain, physical deformity would have to be very severe, which would unexpectedly impact the outcome of the printing process. Due to best-effort resurrection, it was cheaper to reawaken a new Immortal than reprint a mistake with expensive syntherials.

   Immortals would  internally overheat after approximately twenty hours of continuous labor.  To maintain scheduled output, the exhausted Immortal would retire to a nearby facility to hibernate while its geneprint-matched clone would be reawakened to take its place.  This allowed for uninterruptible cycle of productivity to allow the Immortals to feed the spiders, who continued to print, which continued to grow the building into the heavens.  After the end of the third day, the construction was finished and the function of the building was finally obvious: an arcology that housed as many humans as it could feed.  The winding down of the construction site was clear and efficient: biocrete pathways were grown to connect the arcology to the surrounding road system, spiders and canisters were archived, the rungs on the side of the building were removed, and the Immortals were put into minimal-upkeep hibernation.  The entire construction team could relocate to a new project at a moments notice or wind-up entirely, allowing the human workers a leisurely underemployment phase.  Replacement Immortals were grown and stored into hibernation with their related peers.

*                                  *                                 *

   Ever since she was a kid, whenever she saw pain in others, the muscles in her left wrist would strangle the bones around it.  Biotechnicians said the condition was related to hyperactive mirror neurons, but her Gaian parents always told her it was proof that she was meant to help others.  Their faith instructed them to avoid all biotechnological abominations of any kind.  The Gaians worshipped preservation of the initial states of all biologicals with the exception of archelects, which they treated as demons.  This exception allowed them justify interfering with archelects so that the initial states of others could be preserved.  The girl had been contained in this filter bubble her entire life, which had fueled her single-minded obsession with liberating the Immortals so that they could enjoy the freedom Mother Earth intended them.

   The full moon provided enough illumination to allow her to spot and slink past the automated detectors as if she placed them herself.  The security barriers barely slowed her down.  As she approached a massive mobile container, she procured a small, palm-sized device and activated it.  The door on the container rumbled open, dousing her in the acrid fumes of ozone.  Tightly stacked rows of comatose beasts lied dormant within.  She approached the closest beast and sprayed its face with a fine mist of experimental pheromones.  The beast jerked awake and fixated on the girl with two orbs of pure fury.

   "You're free.", she said triumphantly.

   The beast's eyes poured out the contents of a star.

   "I said you're free."  She pointed outside of the container.

   The Immortal cleared its sinus with a compressed breath and blinked at the girl.

   She was hesitant to believe that the Immortal did not understand her intentions.  She felt that she was bonded to all living things and that her love for the Immortal was universally understood without fancy  archelect tricks.  Nonetheless, she waited for the pheromones to take affect, but was furious that mankind had intentionally severed this natural connection with Immortals.  She pulled out a camera.

  "Show some anthro, you poor slave.  Show the world proof that you are tormented.  Help me save you.", she whispered to herself.  The pheromone spray had triggered a cascade of neurochemical activity, allowing the Immortal to reestablish a temporary link between its emotional compulsions and its behavior.  She believed with this chemical process, all of the pent-up oppression the beast endured would finally manifest as anthrosensitive behavior.  The recording could be used as conclusive evidence of ethical abuse to provide legal emancipation to the Immortals.

   For ten minutes, she filmed an unmoving, dull Immortal resting in its slot.  Nothing happened.  She sprayed the beast again and waited to no effect.  The Immortal sat unphased.

   "The pheremones aren't working...", she muttered before she felt a vibrant pang in her head.  She collapsed to the ground and her parents started to melt from her mind.  Her childhood was lacerated from her memory.  The wounds bled forth an unknown boy she felt compelled to call self.

   "What is... what is happening...?", she growled as she clutched her head.  Her deeply-held beliefs about Gaianism and biological liberation felt as if they were unraveling.  Her identity was evaporating and in its place was the regrown history of twenty-year old man.  As the last of the girl's identity vanished, he realized he had no idea where he was.  He started into the dark container. The poorly-lit abyss stared back with a thousand red halos trailing off into its depths.  Once he saw the sinister shapes of the Immortals glistening in the moonlight, he stumbled away in horror, completely oblivious to the urine running down his leg.

*                                  *                                 *

   The operator took a deep drag of his cigarette.  "Not the easiest hack in the world to pull off, but at least it didn't kill him.  You know, that's only possible on very specific models of...".  It was as if the smoke was talking.

   "The pheromones worked."  The bit-crushed voice was injected directly into the operator's ear.

   "What do you mean?  The Immortal didn't do anything."

   "The emotions were bound to the behavior... but... is it possible then?  My... how advanced.  And dangerous."

   "Maybe the Immortal had no emotions."

   "No, it has emotions.  Otherwise, there is no need to severe their connection to behavior.  This means that the Immortal has new emotions and the connection is severed as a safeguard because not even they know what will happen.  There are additional layers of security going on.  I'll stay in touch."

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hacking Morality

Morality stems from the Latin word "moralitas" which loosely translates to "I'm going to get louder and louder about how I feel and if you won't listen, I'll get the state involved and force the military on you." Morality is the binding of logical processes to emotional reaction, resulting in an emotional calculation.  It's one thing to feel emotions when an event happens, but morality's primary goal is to shape how you should feel when future events (under specific conditions) occurs.  This primitive modeling results in people frequently confusing casual communication as a planned and merciless destruction of their entire foundations of being.

You: "Words, words, words, I'm confus, I'm American, take my money and feed me the good times, I absolutely and positively need to be insulted to pay attention, blah, blah, blah..."

Fine. An experiment: Your morality has convinced you that Issue A is good, and Issue B is bad. Issue C...

You: Too abstrack (How the fuck do you even spell that word?), I need another six-hundred ounce soda... and where's the cats? It's the Internet, give me fucking cats... and porn! Cats having sex while drowning in soda! And progress! And freedom! That's what I want right now! MURIKA! *fart*

Fine. Let's use the media-friendly buzzwords that will set your pee-pee on fire just so I can give you context. In this corner, we have the Liberal Conservative Republican Democrat and...


You: “What the fuck is that thing? You forgot the commas. Wait, what the fuck are commas? Grammar is for white people.”

That's the point. By stringing together words you've attached deep and self-defining moral conclusions to, your brain instinctively rejects the image that I've painted. In your internal model, somewhere in between your rape fantasies and that theory on quantum milkshakes you work on while trying to go to sleep, you're attempting to merge these emotional conclusions with one another and failing at it. Horribly.

You see, in that internal model, you've predefined each of these entities to be opposites. And by using your 7th grade understanding of dialectics, (FANCY WORD ALERT, I can feel my ad revenue disintegrating as we speak) your open-minded New Age understanding of Ying and Yang, (You're so worldly) and other immutable (FANCY WORD ALERT) “facts” you've pieced together after your third unemployment check, you've automagically imagined that when these opposites attract, they mystically annihilate each and all is balanced with the world. Sparkles, bunnies, and deeper metaphysical truths, man. Deepak Chopra. Bill Clinton. Yoga pants. Organic quinoa.

So when I tell you that I would like to talk about this Liberal Conservative Republican Democrat person, your mind jumps to the emotional conclusion you've drawn up long ago: Such a person doesn't exist because they would have been annihilated. Furthermore, to insist that such a person exists would be a violation of your internal conclusions, a destruction of your choice, a war path of hate against your emotions, and a terrible crusade against all that is natural and moral and right and that I need to be locked up and tortured until I conform! My God, your self-righteous erection can be spotted from Mercury.

But since you are a fucking peon of inconsequential impact, not only do I not fear you or recognize what you idolize as authority, I'm also going to prove that you are the person that you swear doesn't exist.

If you are a man, go find a woman. If you cannot find a woman, go put on a wig. If you cannot find a wig, you're probably a media-castrated soft faggot anyways, so you'll actually pass as a woman. (Your dream of being the gender that gets all the positive popular attention is finally fulfilled! Power bottoms unite!)

DEAR BOOBIES, I HAS A QUESTION FOR YOU AND YOUR COMPANION, THE OVERWORKED VAGINA: One day soon, there will be a drug that can prevent your unborn children from having serious genetic diseases. Provided you can fight the impulse to abort the non-human thing that will one day grow up to be a chair (Social biology is always right, dur hur I'm five years old), do you take the drug?

If you answered yes, then you agree that there are benefits to using genetic manipulation to reduce the amount of risk your future children (and your pocketbook) are exposed to. If you answered no, then you are clinging to your emotional calculations by believing that genetic manipulation is wrong.

So far, this is just logic. And as we all know, logic is evil and it needs to be done away with entirely because it's a big meanie. So let's finally get this experiment in hacking morality started:

What kind of mother would run the risk of dooming her children's fate to the hardship of preventable disease? What kind of cruelty is required to commit to such an action? I can't believe such horrendous, ignorant people walk the earth. Something should be done about this!

Now you're butterscotch brain is paying attention because I have spoken directly to that terrible animal you call your ego. Chances are, you probably agree with that sentiment, and you'll most likely flip-flop around the issue by citing problems with the effectiveness of the drug and other adjustable, temporal conditions, but that's negligible nonsense you'd be doing to protect your hallowed emotional calculations. (You predictable little girl, come give daddy a kiss!) You'd down those damned pills by the bottle if it worked and then you'd even feel entitled to have access to such medicine as your emotional calculations would make you unable to imagine the horrors of not having it.

By taking medicines that alter your genetics to protect your interests, you have violated the morality of the following groups:

The emotional Left, who espouses the benefits of preserving natural conditions (Altering the environment is evil, making you a Republican)

The emotional Right, who espouses the benefits of preserving God's image (Assuming authority is evil, making you a Democrat)

The logical Left, who espouses the benefits of self-indulgence (Caring about the future is evil, making you a Conservative)

The logical Right, who espouses the benefits of self-limiting (Caring about the present is evil, making you a Liberal).

By violating everything, you have become everything.

BUT THOSE AREN'T MY DEFINITIONS! I CHOOSE TO INTERPRET IT IN MY OWN WAY! I'M AN ISSUES PERSON! I DON'T SUBSCRIBE TO THIS!”, you shout as if I had no idea you'd come to that conclusion. You feel ultra-rebel right now. So hip, bro. So fucking rebel. Cool, man...

Except -THAT- is precisely the response I was hoping for.

By clinging to the all-consuming drive to be an individual, an exception, different, special, a snowflake of amazing outcomes, you have now framed the decision to this question as an emotional calculation. By doing so, I will never, ever be able to convince you that taking genetic medication to solve this particular health problem is wrong.

I don't even have to followup with any additional medical breakthroughs to reinforce the idea. In fact, all I have to do is give national airtime to people who are against genetic modification and you'll rally to try and stop them every single time. And if, by luck, everyone is on board with genetic modification, I'd still give such people national airtime.. I'll still manufacture the image of anti-progress people who don't exist to take the opposite stance and I will do so with the extremely specific intention of reinforcing one simple concept until you thoughtlessly mouth it in your sleep: Genetic modification is progress. And once that moment happens... once I have your thoughtless consensus on the issue... then I can start rolling out the big guns.

THAT is the actual outcome I want because that is key to what is needed for the Post-Emotional Solution. Hacking morality is the first step to claiming ownership over the emotional calculations surrounding the collective concept of progress.

Now do you understand why I am so condescending in this this blog? If someone like me, who isn't even the most intelligent person in my city, let alone the Earth, can come up with a plan like this that would actually work... then I am surrounded by fucking idiots.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mapping Revolution

The year is 1945.  America ended its active engagements overseas with a bang.  (Two of them, in fact.  Happy New Years!)  They celebrated the same way all Americans celebrate after the wipe out a few cities: they fucked like rabbits and procured oodles of stupid meat puppets.  For twenty years, these precious little bundles of divine joy were sheltered from the horrors of worldwide economic depressions and overt global conflict.  They were told they were special and amazing and pretty and the bestest ever bestified.  And when their parent's didn't tell them that, the TV reiterated the points as often as possible through advertising.  Yes sir, one big ball of perfect everything.  This constant, uninterrupted stream of horseshit is the foundation of the Useful Idiot Generation.

Fast-forward twenty years to 1965.  These pint-sized packages of Down Syndrome advocates are now being asked to invoke the violence required to maintain the empire that has pumped them full of consumer-driven affirmation regarding their unwarranted self-importance.  Of course, Mr. and Ms. Too-Fucking-Important backs down with the biggest, most pathetic doe-eyed stare ever captured on media and opts in, instead, for a covert empire based on shell games and shadows.  You get all the perks of empire with none of the ruckus!  You see, they are clever!

Instead of overt military conquest, they prefer covert monetary conquest.  Blood doesn't film so well.  Math, on the other hand, is confusing and an equation doesn't cause mobs to froth as much.

Instead of fixed exchange rates, they prefer floating exchange rates.  Socioeconomic stratification caused by fixed exchange is evil, so making sure everyone is in debt forever is the surest way to enforce the moral imperative of equality.

Instead of leveraging taxation to pay for their Utopia (which will naturally be offset by public outrage), they prefer paying for their Utopia with seigniorage.  We'll do whatever it takes to save the poor, even if it makes someone somewhere else poor.

I completely relate with this sentiment.  I
should go to Starbucks with my Macbook
and share this image with my friends on
To this day, the Useful Idiot Generation is still idolized by the popular culture as the pinnacle of "revolution", but that is not what a revolution is.  You, being a replaceable labor vector, are told such pointless activity is what a revolution is.  Thus, whenever you are discontent about things in general and you are willing to convert that malaise into that weird, misshapen genetic misfit you've identified with the word "justice", you'll be channeled into these predefined ineffective outlets for rage which are nothing more than group masturbation sessions.  You'll be told that it is human emotion, spirit, righteousness, indignation, courage, and overall whininess with the occasional smashed piece of property is how to "change" things.

If you pay close attention (see: You can't) to the tone in which you are told these myths, you'll find it eerily similar to the tone that parents use when they give curt explanations to children to shut them up.  Of course, you're not a child.  You're a respectable adult with responsibilities.

Just because you can envision some magical universe where everyone pisses chocolate milk in that Crayola-based goulash you call a brain doesn't mean you can actually change the fundamental law of the Universe: Power always wins.  If the "meek" win, then it was because they were actually powerful, and thus, the axiom remains.  Power always wins.  Revolution is not about style.  It's not about cultural heritage.  It's not about tradition.  It's not about earning your stripes, or slumming it, or being edgy, or being artsy.  It has nothing to do with altruism, or the greater good, caring, or love.  Revolution has been, and will always be, about power.  Therefore, if you cannot explain, with crystal clear clarity, what power actually is, but you want to participate in what you think is a revolution none the less, then you are a useful idiot.  (Please drop me an e-mail so that I may tempt you with the bullshit that sends you into an easily controllable froth at my discretion.)

Maybe, somewhere along that never-ending tail-chasing idiocy you call a "life experience", you may have formulated some inkling about what power might be entirely based on having a one-sided, subservient relationship with it.  And you're wrong about that, too.

Power is the deployment of means to assist in leaving a persisting and replicating imprint of your will onto the universe.  Revolution is the acquiring of means to assist in the demonstration of power.  Labor vectors, the tools they use, the techniques they employ, and how they are organized are the means.  To only way to amplify the means is through technology.  The only thing that can create such  technology is a mind that has been trained to find comfort at the chaotic edges of the universe.  A mind of this nature must be comfortable with a compass that never points in the same direction twice, can disregard instructions but knows how to create them, and whose attitude towards complexity is path-finding.  This is the revolutionary mind and it is the foundation of all power.

As it turns out, statistics are the best abstraction we have to manage the data we collect about the copmlex nature of the universe.  Every time a new technique is discovered that can assist in the management of statistics, new technological processes are unleashed that amplify the output of labor vectors.  It could be assisting with the physical interaction with resources via chemistry and mechanics, increasing organizational efficiency by informatics, or commanding larger armies of of labor through electronic media.  When applied to financial matters at the highest levels, statistical discoveries can create new markets out of thin air to address previously ambiguous demands.  The power of these processes translates to economic influence which is then used to contend for social influence and only at that point does the average peon see revolution in action.

Of course, by then, the horse has already left the barn and the serf is just opting in to be a meat shield for said cause.  But this revolution did not begin where only the stupid can witness it.  It began in a mind of someone who discovered a statistical process that changed how information about universe could be processed.  From here, enough information was collected that changed how a person could see the universe.  This interpretation then influenced people to create techniques and processes based on serving the needs of this interpretation.  Once those technical processes streamline and become cost efficient, more people can then use the technology to acquire a better financial position.  Once someone consolidates all of these economic actors through political techniques, that consolidator (and his statistical architect, if he is still alive) can then contend against the lingering power of previous architects

If you want to be a revolutionary, don't be a free-spirit artist whose wild and edgy antics can't be stopped by anyone fuck you parents law teachers omg I'm so fucking rebellious I should have my own TV reality show/band/documentary called "Dick Storm and the Furious Razor Apes:  The Adventures of Me, The Ultimate Rebel".  Be a mathematician, you intellectually lazy parasite.

John Bardeen, William Shockley and Walter Brattain were the revolutionaries responsible for 1965.  The invention of the transistor changed how mass media could spin its stories to the public, allowing people to watch warfare, for the first time, from a similar safe distance as a Middle Ages prince on a battlefield.  They did not like what they saw, so they whined until someone used digital computers (again, only possible via transistors) to assist in the maintainability of floating exchange rates.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Drill Down: Part 5 of 5

In the previous drill down, I explained what can happen if the modern vector commander manages to lose control of his system.  Military technology has become so efficient that a handful of technicians with unmitigated access to our current global trade network are capable of putting nuclear dents in the planet.  Such an event may not actually come to pass, but the fear of unraveling global trade is enough to mobilize vector commanders to create fail-safes against such a scenario.  In this drill-down, I will construct the ultimate fail-safe:

"Those who command their labor vectors will always strive for greater efficiency in their maintenance and in their performance.  The ideal outcome is modifying the labor vector's behavior on command while completely eliminating risks to systemic stability.  The problem, then, is the very nature of the labor vectors themselves.  Limitations in the labor vectors neurology, most specifically, the mechanisms surrounding unsynchronized emotional narratives, stand in the way of future efficiency.  The emotional narrative of the labor vector is the biggest source of inefficiency for the execution of resource extraction.  Therefore, the elimination of emotion, and then later the synthesis of new emotions, through advanced genetic engineering, is essential for future efficiency and will completely negate the nuclear risk associated with the previous control paradigm.  It is difficult to clamor for war due to economic collapse if you simply do not have the neurological facilities for rage, anger, and aggression."

It's not the future until we have
flying cars, no matter how many
brown people get blown up
by semi-autonomous aircraft
You might be reading this outlandish conclusion on a screen of  several thousand synchronized liquid crystals and typing a response on a plastic keyboard where each keystroke commands a pulse of electricity that then interfaces with a complex array of capacitors, semiconductors, and integrated circuits.  You'll manage to say  something along the lines of "That's impossible!  You're read too much Sci-Fi!"  Then, when you click on a complex graphical element labeled "Reply" on said screen, which is being rendered as the emergent property of thousands of math equations per second, with your mouse, which captures and compares the difference in laser reflections to determine motion.  Then, a precisely defined bundle of electrons will be routed at random between several dozen computers spanning the globe which will eventually end up here so I can experience the full glory of your compounded failures of mental discipline.

You are actually responding in real-time to a theory you feel angry about in real-time from the comfort of your environs.  Don't talk to me about too much sci-fi, you fucking stereotypical American.

The ideal condition for any vector commander with a bird's eye view is called the steady state.  The premise is simple.  You wake up and yesterday is just like today.  No extraordinary effort is needed to preserve anything.  No anomalous behavior destabilizes affairs.  Reality persists by itself and consequences do not matter.  Your entire reality is steady, stable, and reliable.  You no longer focus on the means and, instead, can spend all of your energy focused on the ends.  This fantasy is the anchor in which all economic theory is founded on achieving.  This outcome is where all vector commanders find themselves hurdling towards at one point or another.

History's first vector commander,
Alexander III of Macedonia.
A steady state, simply put, is when investment equals depreciation.  For the vast bulk of human existence, a steady state was not possible.  The amount of energy you put into the system may or may not have yielded equal returns.  However, after the industrial revolution, the formula changed dramatically, allowing energy inputs to result in greatly magnified outputs in relation to previous time periods.  Humanity has experienced, collectively, the natural state of scarcity and the curse of plenty, however, vector commanders have had far more time throughout history mastering scarcity situations.  At the time of this entry, vector commanders have embraced international capitalism as the vehicle to best manage the variables of the industrial revolution to achieve the ideal of a steady state. (Consumer demands equal production capability)  Nonetheless, higher order problems have arisen that challenge that structure.

Production capability has been mastered over the span of two hundred years.  With each new technology, a new efficiency is achieved and more of something can be manufactured at faster speeds.  Consumer demands, however, are not as mathematically predictable.  A sloppy approximation of emotion, manufactured dichotomy, and centrally controlled narratives are the rule of the day when shaping consumer demands.  (Marketing is nothing more than primitive psychologists lobbing grenades into a crowd.) As information technology becomes more pronounced, crafting demand is less of an exercise in carpet bombing and more of a sniper round.  However, even when refined to the optimum, this approach has a peak efficiency that is ultimately hindered on communication problems caused by individual emotional context.

Marx knew that, in order to achieve
industrial equilibrium, the nations of the
earth would have to construct a big
enough stick to beat the moon with.
These isolated interpretations of reality cannot be known by third parties, and this lack of control threatens the ability to provoke unified consumer activity on demand.  This results in consumption being the fat slouch at the bar that emanates an aura of unfuckability while productivity is the hyperactive teen that wants to inject ham sticks into the Republic of Labia at every possible moment.  Given the two, the productive assets are far easier to target with central economic dogma to adjust for lack of demand.  However, when taken to the extreme, a vector commander intentionally destroys mass volumes of productive capability to create a period of "infinite demand".  This Broken Window model has been enacted upon several times since the mid-1800s.

In a pure globalist state where all consumer markets have been liberalized and synchronized, marketing techniques are at an optimum, and productivity can be tightly managed, this problem of human emotional context becomes more magnified than ever before as it is becomes the final barrier to the industrial equilibrium sought after by the steady state.  If the aggregate demand slumps and central economic dogma cannot kick start it back into gear, the Broken Window Model will be dragged out once more, but this time, it will be with nuclear consequences.

To abandon five thousand years of technological mastery will not occur.  It's not even an option on the fucking table.  No one is willfully going back to prolonged slave labor and dying of tooth decay at the age of twenty.  (I'm kidding, look at these classy misanthropes.) It will be far more convenient (and economically feasible) to use the momentum of our current technological pace to master genetic engineering and alter human emotions for vector commander needs from the genome up.  I'm not talking everyone taking a pill.  I mean human hybrids being born without the neurological capacity for specific emotions.  Advanced hybrids will enjoy the experience of synthetic emotions.  The desired ends of such tinkering will be determined, as always, by the vector commanders.

Human emotion must be rendered into a purely plastic state so that it can be synchronized more efficiently to meet the needs of productive capability.  This outcome is the unconscious direction authority has been yearning towards for thousands of years and, in my lifetime (and maybe even with my indirect help) the reoccurring tyrants will get the physical manifestation of what they've always wanted.

In the next article, I will discuss the means that will serve as the foundation for this outcome.