Monday, May 6, 2013

Meg Lanker-Simons: A case study in hacking morality

Recently, I refitted to be an living example of how to hack morality.  It is currently designated to be a resource hub for people that are livid about the fake rape hoax created by Meg Lanker-Simons.  But out of all the fights I could pick, why did I pick this one and why was it so successful?


We [citation intentionally hidden] did our research and we found nothing actually remarkable about the Megan:

  1. A low self-esteem person whose coping strategy involves a narcissistic and inconsistent political narrative.
  2. Run-of-the-mill emotional addiction.
  3. Venn Diagram identity rooted in Tumblr-wave feminism.
In short, she was nothing more than a bourgeois imperialist that recited everything banking interests told her to recite.  So why was this campaign so successful?


Tumblr-wave feminism is not a legit movement.  It is manufactured opposition to deflect populist rage away from the horrid economic conditions facing today's youth.  The "movement" is full of the blanket accusations, loaded statements, artful dodging, identity tribalism, and logical fallacies typically reserved for the "hate groups" of old.  That's usually the telltale sign of being funded by various financial sectors either directly (state sponsored) or indirectly (venture capitalism).  The other indicator of financial power involvement is it's wildly efficient ability to convert anyone into an emotional animal.

That conversion apparatus has been played by the Obama administration remarkably well.  It's typically wheeled out when "controversial" (AKA difficult-to-ignore and extremely overt imperialist) monetary policy or foreign policy needs to be buried from the public consciousness.  The result is political theater and tightly controlled societal tension between the two most obvious and primitive population categories.  But there is one non-obvious pattern about one of these genders...

The vast majority of males in American society today are, by far, the most effeminate, domesticated, and docile males in American history.  (European and Muslim males are burning down their continent and American males are playing video games.)  They have played by the rules, committed far less violence, are remarkably prone to guilt, and have gone almost two generations without a draft.  Accusing these sweet and fluffy barnyard critters of being aggressive rape monsters who pillage vagina at every possible turn not only is statistically disingenuous, it induces fear.  And not just a "fear the rod" kind of a discipline-based fear. It's more of a "My house is fire, fuck shit fuck shit fuck why do I deserve this?"  In short, accusations like this provoke panic.

Attack a caged animal by calling him nothing more than a woman-enslaving rape machine where forgiveness is not only impossible, but dismissed as "mansplaining", and his panic will cause him to play dead when in melee range.  However, he will gladly engage in low-risk, high yield conflict from ranged distances and the shadows.  (And not a moment before)


With that as the macroscopic perspective, we performed the following:
  1. A fully collective "doxing" effort to unravel her every connection.  Bill Ayers, Nonviolent Communists, University of Wyomig, the Wyoming Democratic Party, police records, military service, ThinkProgress, family, friends, their connections... whatever was publicly available.
  2. We created a pretty site ( to explain the situation and demonstrate ways to show support.
  3. One of us had connections to conservative blogs and floated the story to them.
  4. There were several meager attempts to rally Reddit, however, one of us renamed a topic and posted it in the correct subsection, resulting in massive surge of up votes.
  5. A Twitter campaign that, while it ultimately failed to gain traction, attracted support from other sympathetic organizations who were happy to provide research and assets to the effort.
  6. The creation of a fake Facebook group, pledging our unconditional support for Megan and a ridiculous justification for her actions.  It attracted almost a thousand angry people, outraged at the completely illogical justification used to defend her.
  7. We persuaded several alumni of the University of Wyoming to not provide any more donations until something was done about Megan.
  8. We attempted to persuade ThinkProgress to revoke the award they gave her.
  9. We attempted to persuade the owner of UW's sports properties to do something as well.
This was a multi-pronged campaign designed to maximize awareness. The conservative blogs took the lead and provided the shock troops.  The fake support page was quickly found and lunged upon.  After successfully hacking the conservative's morality, we created bait for the liberals on by saying that fake rape threats belittle feminism by reducing support against real rape cases in the future.  We had successfully hacked the morality of both participating factions, causing the whole thing to explode to the national level.


  • Conservatives will always want liberal blood, so they are very easy to leverage.  I'm very sure the same can be said about liberals.
  • The fake support group was an very successful catalyst for the multistage process.  When a single person does something outrageous, you are mad at the person.  When a group appears out of no where, demanding respect and defends the outrageous act, your "end-of-the-world' mechanisms kick in and fully convert you.  We hacked American right-wing conservative morality pretty hard on this one.
  • Tumblr wave feminists were torn between trying to defend their fellow Honored Matre and working out the logic in their head that making fake rape threats actually hurts their cause really badly.  Unable to resolve this cognitive dissonance, they just opted to downvote the Reddit thread instead.  (To no avail)  Liberals was hard to hack on this one because they felt they were in a defensive position.  Interesting to note that the cognitive dissonance made them retreat to the shadows, much like domesticated males do.
  • Partisan involvement attacked exclusively from the shadows (Either repressed rage from previous false accusation or from their own cognitive dissonance about the incident) and none of them stopped to ask if this entire conflict was possibly amplified by a handful of people trying to test a theory.  They just simply believed the shadows to be a legit battleground.
  • The shadow fight between the two factions dragged in bystanders, in which the above theory regarding how passive aggressive panic chooses to resolve when given an generalized outlet.  The results are still out, but the situation is being closely monitored.
Only one thousand people viewed the page.  A very good leverage ratio was achieved because of the accuracy of the theory.

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