Table of Contents

This blog is confusing and, chances are, you are fucking retarded.  This visually-pleasing indentation of dots and numbers (You aren't afraid of things like math and numbers, right?) has been designed to help compensate for your complete lack of discipline, focus, and intelligence.

On a totally related note, your children will slowly die from the corpulent girth your laziness has passed on to them.  Please spew out copious amounts of them (Don't even name half of them) and put them on a reality TV show called: "Americans: We don't even need to make sense rubber band lava sock".

TL;CR:  I'm only doing this because I can't leave this planet yet and I'm forced to acknowledge your presence.
  1. The Rules
  2. The Axioms
  3. The Theory
    1. The Premise
    2. The Market
    3. The Shell Game
    4. The Flaw
    5. The Solution
  4. The Plan
    1. Terminology
    2. Mapping Revolution
    3. Hacking Morality
    4. The Bait
    5. The Switch
    6. The New Empire
  5. The Result
    1. Decentralized Sentience
    2. The Immortal Poor
    3. The Visible Hand
    4. Unbound
  6. Case Studies
    1. Meg Lanker-Simons