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Below is a list of definitions to prevent you and your hyperactive mirror neurons from overheating.  These are words I use and what they mean, regardless of context:

State (noun)
The value of a property.

Example: This blog is in a state of disarray!

Matter (noun)
A container of states.  (Also known as a set)

Example: A particle has the following states: velocity, mass, and position.  You have the following states: bored or frothy.

Energy (noun)
The conversion of a state into information.

Example: A piece of plutonium radiates energy.

Information (noun)
An observable snapshot of entropy.  This snapshot is measured in bits, nats, or bans.

Example: This blog contains information reflecting the historical mind states of the author.

Also see: Holographic principle

Entropy (noun)
All possible combinations of states in a set, independent of archelectual limitations.  The occurrence of a state is represented probabilistically.

Example: The entropy of a grilled cheese sandwich is:

  1. Bread, butter, cheese (16.6% chance of occurring)
  2. Bread, cheese, butter (16.6% chance of occurring)
  3. Butter, bread, cheese (16.6% chance of occurring)
  4. Butter, cheese, bread (16.6% chance of occurring)
  5. Cheese, butter, bread (16.6% chance of occurring)
  6. Cheese, bread, butter (16.6% chance of occurring)
Also seeShannon Entropy

Time (noun)
The differences between two or more units of information from the same source.

Example: You can't tell what time it is without points of reference.

Observer (noun)
Anything whose future time can be adjusted by information.

Example: Not only is the observer changed by what be observers, he also changes what he is observing.

Archelect (noun)
A sentient observer of information.

Example: A human is an archelect.  A rock is an observer.

Sentience (noun)

A context that converts information into local entropy reduction.  (Consolidating the probability of states or reducing the number of states)  Known sentience includes (but are not limited to) anthropo, communal, and logical.

Example: A human and a bee are sentient in different ways.

Anthropo (noun)
A sentience that uses linguistics to adjust the emotions of anthropo-sensitive sentience for the sake of desired social outcomes.  (Also known as human)

Example: The anthropo sentience shares the Internet with the logical sentience.

Linguistics (noun)
A technique that allows information to be referenced and adjusted via symbolical representation.

Example: The map is not the territory.  The menu is not the meal.  The word is not what it is describing.

Also see:

Emotion (noun)
An a priori channel of communicating socially relevant information between two archelects.  This channel is generally biased towards the initial entropy of the archelect.

Example: Without words or cultural impositions, one can illicit an emotional reaction out of a person by simply being present.

Anthrohack (noun)
A deliberate manipulation of information to alter the entropy of an anthropo.  Specifically, inducing a human archelect into a state of intense emotional sensation so that their linguistic capabilities are temporarily suspended.

Example: Politics and religion is an anthrohacker's paradise.

Liberal (noun)
A category of anthrohacks that glorify symbols that represent self-indulgence and chastise symbols that represent self-limiting.  Generally deployed when anthropo power stands to benefit from inducing massive bouts of irrational exuberance.

Example: Those hippie flower children sure are liberal!  Derp!

Conservative (noun)
A category of anthrohacks that gloify symbols that represent self-limiting and chastise symbols that represent self-indulgence.  Generally deployed when anthropo power needs to halt massive irrational exuberance or risk the destruction of power.

Example: Those stoic programmers sure are conservative! Derp!

Feelie (noun)
An anthropo that is particularly susceptible to an anthrohack.

Example: That feelie has no idea she's being taken for a ride.  And even if she did, she wouldn't care, even if it carried the high risk of killing her and everything she loved.

Power (noun)
The process of extracting information from the time of another archelect.

Example: By turning them against each other, he could make them do whatever he wanted.

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